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This edition continues with the important topic of Duty of Care. You can read about key findings on Duty of Care from the 2017 Cigna Global Mobility Trends Survey.

Additionally Tom van Herwijnen from CBM shares his insights on providing Duty of Care for staff with a disability. We also have a recap of the two latest Duty of Care workshops.

And for those who couldn't attend our International Organisations seminar on E-Health earlier this month, you can read about the highlights in this newsletter.

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In this edition

Latest events

Read all about the Duty of Care workshops in the UK and Switzerland and the International Organisation's seminar on the promise of E-Health in Belgium.

Duty of Care

Cigna's Global 2017 Cigna Global Mobility Trends Survey asked if employers provide adequate Duty of Care, you'll find the answer here. We also and sat down with Tom van Herwijnen from CBM to find out what Duty of Care means for staff with a disability.

Project spotlight

This edition's spotlight is on Apopo. They train African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis.

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