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NGO Connect Newsletter - October 2017


The latest from Cigna NGO Health Benefits

Providing access to quality health care for your employees, wherever they are in the world, is our top priority. Technological innovations in e-health are a great way for providing access to health care in remote locations. One example is our new Cigna WellbeingTM app, launching on 23rd October.

We're also excited to announce some key advancements in our products and services; namely 30 days emergency cover outside of Africa for our regional African plans and our new onboarding process for your employees.

And as this is your newsletter, we'd love to hear what you think of it and how we can improve. We created a short survey to gather your feedback. We'd very much appreciate if you can find the time to fill it in.

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In this edition

What's next for health care technology?

Virtual and augmented reality are now … well … reality. Remember Star Trek's science fiction medical tricorder? It's now a real technology.

Connecting employees to a healthier lifestyle

57% of millennials consider wellbeing very important when it comes to choosing a job. But health and wellbeing also brings many benefits to organisations.

Project Spotlight

In this edition we're shining the spotlight on Kimbondo Pediatrics, an orphanage and hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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